State Unemployment Tax For Businesses To Triple

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Texas Workforce Commission has announced that the state's unemployment tax on businesses will soon triple, and some local companies are not happy with the numbers.

"It's going to affect our rate, we're going to have to increase prices on our customers," Global Personnel President, LeeAnn Cody, said.

That's just one way Cody says her business will handle the pinch of the new unemployment tax increase.

"Employers won't hire as many people. Salary is lower, they won't be replacing employees that they let go," Cody said.

The price will jump from a little more than $23 to nearly $65 per employee. The taxes feed the state's unemployment trust fund, and that fund has been consumed by a high number of jobless claims, by folks taking advantage of the benefits.

"We have people that will register that would rather stay unemployed because they would make more money in unemployment than actually working," Cody said.

One Midland florist says they won't be affected as much.

"It's going to affect us a little, but not so much. We're not going to let anyone go," Fancy Flowers employee, Meghan Ward, said.

Ward says they don't mind coughing up the extra cash.

"It's unfortunate that it had to happen during economic hard times, but we'd rather pay to keep it from happening," Ward said.