Wind Wreaks Havoc in Odessa

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Mother Nature's wicked wind made its way to the Basin and left its mark in numerous places in Odessa.

Mother Nature left her mark all over the City of Odessa by maiming Christmas trees, toppling store signs, and even unhinging a roof.

"It could have been a lot worse," Shawna Giles, said.

It was an unwelcome surprise when Giles and her family came home to find the west side of their roof was no longer there.

Now, all they can do is try to find someone to patch it up, but it won't be cheap.

"We just spent $7,000 three years ago when we had to replace it," Giles said. "I'm sure it'll be another (few thousand dollars.) All the boards and everything will have to be replaced."

Not far from the Giles' home, workers at M & J Burgers got a bit of a fright around four Tuesday afternoon.

"The wind just came like really fast," Bridgette Olivas, M & J Burgers' employee, said. "We were just staring out the window and the awning just fell off its pole. The more the wind blew, the more it came down."

Damage to the restaurant wasn't too severe and the owners were able to fix it pretty quickly.

"The last time we had wind, we had a little bit of the same type of damage," Jessica Carreon, owner of M & J Burgers, said. "But we're going to get it fixed, so it doesn't occur again."

Despite the financial costs, both Giles and Carreon were happy things weren't worse.

"Nobody was hurt, thank God," Carreon said.

The worst of Tuesday's damage happened between two and four in the afternoon but by sunset everything started to calm down. The City of Odessa, along with the Giles, plan to clean up on Wednesday.