Bad Weather Causes More Car Repairs

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Accidents left and right over the last few days; thanks to slippery and slick conditions, now one Odessa body shop has been covered up trying to put the trucks and cars back together again.

"I had someone rear end me. They tried to slow down, but they ended up slamming into me," Christopher Molina, said.

Molina isn't the only one dealing with the damage. More drivers have been involved in weather related accidents throughout the Permian Basin, and now places like Lupe's Body Shop is overwhelmed with people wanting their vehicles fixed.

"People slamming into each other and causing fender benders. We wrote so many estimates than we usually do and it takes at least 10 days for us to start repairs," Owner, Lupe Munguia, said.

Munguia says it's not just the insurance company that's slowing them down from repairing these cars, but buying the parts as well; since some of the car companies went through bankruptcy.

"It's tough because of the remodeling of GM and other companies. It will take longer to get these parts. The dealers aren't stocking these parts. It takes time, and time is money," Lupe said.

Lupe says he's anticipating a busy schedule ahead with repairing more cars. As for drivers like Molina, he says taking it easy on the roads is the best thing he can do.

"I try to stay in as much as possible. You kind of put your guard up, because in this bad weather it takes a while to get used to," Molina said.