Big Spring Business Owner Fights Facebook Postings

BIG SPRING - A local business owner is trying to assure his customers that he loves Big Spring.

Aaron Johnson, who owns the Chicken Express, says someone created a Facebook account that looked just like his and then sent disparaging messages to local residents and businesses.

Many of the messages where even posted on the Facebook page dedicated to Big Spring.

"I got a call from the corporate office this morning that a resident from Big Spring is offended from things I posted on a fake Facebook," Johnson said.

But those posts aren't from Johnson. They appear to be coming from someone who is pretending to be him.

"Someone made a Facebook with a name very close with my actual page slandering town officials and other businesses," Johnson said.

Aaron and his wife have no crew who did this or why they would want to hurt them or their business. Johnson offered an apology to residents in Big Spring for the mess.

NewsWest9 tried to contact the person who created the Facebook page, but never heard back. The page was taken down late Monday afternoon.