Freezing Fog Foils Flight Plans

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Hundreds of passengers were grounded at the Midland International Airport ON Monday because of inclement weather.

"I think some planes got out this morning before the fog got in," Justine Ruff, Deputy Director of Airports, said. "But for the last several hours, there's been no activity at all."

During the day, the airport tried to wait out the fog and only delay the flights, but by the end of the day, everything was canceled and that's the last thing any traveler wants to see on the arrival and departure board.

On Monday, it was more common to see cancellations or delays than to see planes using the runway.

Sally Espy and her husband were stranded at the airport all day. They arrived at 8:30 a.m. with plans to enjoy the warm sun in Puerto Vallarta, but they ended up with a Texas winter.

"We can't get to Puerto Vallarta until tomorrow," Espy said. "There are no other flights going out."

Delays and cancellations can be stressful, but try handling all of that along with a four-year-old boy, like Kim Huynh did.

"He's actually been really good. I'm thankful for that," Huynh said. "He's getting a little bit tired now."

But despite all the gloom and doom, passengers like Huynh, managed to keep smiles on their faces.

"Everyone's frowning and I don't want to be a part of that," Huynh said. "And the airport reminded everyone else that sometimes it's better to wait than hit the skies."

"The cancellations are in the interest of safety and you don't want to get on a plane if it's not safe," Ruff said. "Hopefully tomorrow things will be better."