Statue of David Posing As Santa Causing a Stir

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It's not exactly something you would see displayed on someone's lawn during Christmas.

"It's an art piece and you can think of it what you want," Barry McBee, said.

Some who live in the neighborhood find the piece of art a little odd during this time of year.

"When we have parties, people are asking me what's wrong with the guy next door, but we're used to it. He's a good neighbor," Kay Burns said.

The Associated Press reported the naked statue of David was causing a stir in the neighborhood, but Barry McBee says it's all done in good spirit, and that offending people wasn't his intension.

"People called and asked why Santa was naked, and if he was going to get clothes on. I didn't have an excuse for it , so I gave him a pair of shorts, and people haven't complained since I put clothes on him," McBee said.

McBee's next door neighbor says she's used to the various decorations that fill his lawn.

"I saw the lions, the big wrestler, the apes, and of course David; they change daily, it's all part of West Texas aloof," Burns said.
McBee says he decorates his lawn for every holiday, but this year he wanted to do it in a different way.

"I've got all sorts of yard ornaments; people have been driving by and taking pictures of David," McBee said.