Sewell Serves the Community

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

A local company decided to ditch its holiday party and instead celebrate the season by giving back.

"God Bless Everyone," Alan Smith, said while eating a meal provided by volunteers.

The Sewell Dealerships hoped to hand out a few blessings this Sunday when they gave up their annual holiday party in exchange for the company's first ever "Big Serve."

"This is one hundred percent better," Brandon Utley, a Big Serve team leader, said. "I'm sure this will always replace that."

275 Sewell employees participated in the day of sharing and one group of volunteers served at Jesus House in Odessa where they fed about 70 people.

"In times when things are really tough, we have a tendency to get kind of selfish," Utley said. "And to protect what we have, but we feel like if we can get our eyes off yourself and help those who are probably in greater need than we are it lifts our spirit and helps us reach out to the community and you tend to really be thankful for what you have."

Lancer Scarborough, who recently has become unemployed, sat down for a meal with his friend and says the simple act of kindness warmed their hearts.

"I've been looking for a job past three months and it's that time of year when everything's hard," Scarborough said. "It helps out in the mean time."

The spirit of the "Big Serve" must have been contagious because while Scarborough took a meal, he made sure to give what he could by helping his friend with her baby boy.

And then one of the diners wanted to give back to the volunteers by wishing them well.

"I think the company will be blessed," Smith said. "I look at it like this, these big companies have tons of money and when they come out and help the homeless that touches me."

This proves, once more, that it is better to give than receive.