Federal Money Awarded for Ector County Project

ECTOR COUNTY - A state-of-the-art clean coal power plant is one more step to becoming a reality in Ector County.

The Energy Department announced Friday it was giving $350 million to Summit Texas Clean Energy, for a power plant to be built near Penwell.

The nearly $2 billion project will capture 90 percent of its carbon dioxide. The gas will then be transported by pipeline to oilfields in the Permian Basin for enhanced oil recovery.

The plant, dubbed Newgen, will be built on the site of the old Futuregen project. That similar plant project selected another site over Ector County several years ago.

The 400 megawatt power plant will be a major boost to the local economy. Nearly 1,000 construction jobs will be created. Some 150 people will be employed once the project is complete.