Texas Tech University Will No Longer Use Shelter Cats

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The battle between PETA and Texas Tech is over; at least when it comes to using shelter cats from Odessa for medical training purposes.

"They put the tube in their stomach and it expands the stomach; that's where cruelty comes in," Del NeSmith of Odessa, said.

After months of pressure from PETA, Texas Tech just announced it will stop buying shelter cats from Odessa Animal Control for medical training.

"They've been purchasing cats for 20 years. In a large part of public out cry, people are shocked it was occurring this whole time," PETA Researcher, Ian Smith said.

The school has not said if it's going to stop using the felines all together; they just agreed to stop purchasing the cats.

"Shoving a plastic tube down its throat is cruel. With their track record for 20 years, we want to see a much more promising statement be made," Smith said.

Some Odessans agree, testing on animals should not be tolerated.

"There's a different way of doing it. I understand the medical teachings, but if there's another way of doing it without being cruel to animals, then do it," NeSmith said.

NewsWest 9 attempted to contact officials at Texas Tech University, but they were unable to comment on this issue.