Plumbers Slammed With Frozen Water Pipe Repairs

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - The recent winter weather is keeping some local plumbers and contractors slammed with calls from homeowners who are dealing with the damage to their pipes from the winter weather.

"Slab leak is under ground, that's the pipe underneath of house and it's easy to access, but water can come up to the house. To repair it, we'll have to open the floor up and repair pipe under ground," Vernon Moseley of Carroll Plumbing said.

As the temperatures tumble, water pipes freeze up, and that can cause big time damage and headaches throughout the house. 
It's a problem these plumbers have been dealing with during the recent cold snap, and a lot of these calls are coming from folks whose homes weren't ready for the winter weather.

"Everyone puts it off to the last minute. They turn it on last year and it worked, now suddenly it's not working well this year," Moseley said.
SSP Remodeling has been booked with clients wanting to make repairs to their homes, but they say there's an easy way to prevent any major damages.

"Just do regular maintenance with the wrap pipes. If you're leaving the house, leave heat temperature at least 45 degrees. That's where the problem starts when people leave it cold," Jim Blunt with SSP Remodeling, said.

Carroll Plumbing says it's more than just wrapping pipes to prevent them from getting frozen; it can be as easy as turning on the faucet.
"Keep water circulating to pipes, and keep warm water running through it," Moseley said.