Local Shelters Preparing For Winter Weather

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Shelters like The Salvation Army are expecting a whole lot of people knocking on their doors for a warm bed, and they're ready for Monday night's freezing temperatures.

"We don't want to be the one to turn people away. As long as we have floor space, we'll make place for everybody," The Salvation Army's Corps Officer, Linda Keeney, said.

The Salvation Army shelter in Midland is getting ready for the winter rush; they're expecting a lot of people trying to get out of the wet, winter weather.
"When the colder weather hits, we lift our restriction. The 90 day restriction is not in effect. We want people to have a warm place to stay," Keeney said.

It's not just The Salvation Army lending a helping hand during this time of need, but Journey Home as well.
"It's a home base ministry where we take in people who have lost their way. We offer board, food, and a place they can feel safe," Gilbert Delgado, with the Fishers of Men Fellowship, said.

Delgado says in this souring economy he's seen more people walk through their doors than ever before, struggling to find a warm place to call home.

"We see a lot more families that lost their jobs. A lot of the men will drop their wives here and they go and struggle on their own," Delgado said.

Journey Home is an 11,000 square feet building, so having enough rooms to offer is not an issue for Delgado.
The Salvation Army has about 27 bed spaces, all of which are already occupied, but officials say they refuse to turn anyone away.

"If we get desperate, we have another facility to open up," Keeney said.

Both The Salvation Army and Journey Home have already started taking in families. During the cold season, officials say their doors open earlier than usual.