Brewster County Deputies Unveil New High-Tech Tool to Help Cover Their County

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

BREWSTER COUNTY - A new gadget is helping the Brewster County Sheriff's Office respond anywhere they're needed across their county and beyond. They even picked the brains of experts in Dallas and California to make it happen.

If you drive by the office, you may notice a new trailer in the parking lot that's bringing high tech law enforcement to the most remote parts of Brewster County.

Similar to a dispatch center, Deputies in the new mobile incident command unit can forward 911 calls and access the data they need anywhere in the County.

"It would take the pressure off what your day to day operations are under normal dispatching," Chief Deputy Ryan Skelton said. "Because you could take this and center it where you would need it during an emergency or major event."

There's a satellite radio system a four wheeler to tackle tough terrain and room for field meetings, but there's more to come.

Right now the Sheriff's Office already has some equipment in the trailer, but some of its shelves are pretty bare. In the next year, Skelton hopes to put bullet proof vests, helmets, and even radios for volunteers during search and rescues.

The Sheriff's Office plans to toss out spotty cell and Internet service and get a satellite uplink instead.

Skelton says satellite will help them get around phone and Internet dead zones.

"Hit a button, the satellite will connect to a satellite Internet connection," Skelton said. "And what that will do is it won't be limiting us to any geographical location, we'll be able to deploy the thing anywhere we need to."

When Deputies work border patrols the command unit and the resources inside will come with them.

"We're always a moment away from a catastrophe," Skelton said. "So I feel like and the officials feel like, a back up plan is always a good thing to have and that's what this is. If something goes down, it's there for us."

Brewster County also plans to share the unit with Jeff Davis and Presidio counties.