Mike Huckabee Visits the Tall City

By Cierra Putman

MIDLAND - Republican star and former Presidential Nominee Mike Huckabee rolled into the Tall City Saturday for a book signing.

This weekend is known for bringing both families together and shoppers to the stores and Mike Huckabee's book signing tour for A Simple Christmas brought both to a Midland book store.

West Texans stormed Midland's Barnes and Noble to see the former Presidential hopeful and the store welcomed the crowd.

"We're just thrilled he came to this store as long as he did," Barnes & Noble Manager, Christine Ward, said. "We had people buying early in the week, but at 9 o'clock this morning they were coming in wanting to know, 'what time is he going to be here? Do I need to stand in line now?'"

While hundreds waited in line for that famous smile, handshake, and autograph. It meant a little bit more to two ladies from Gardendale.

"Oh he was nice," Liz Huckabee, a possible distant Cousin of Mike Huckabee, said. "He was just as personable as I thought he would be."

A simple genealogy search, during the Republican Primaries showed that Liz and her family were related to the politician from Arkansas.

"It was pretty exciting." Liz Huckabee said. "We had already, before we knew for sure he was related, were interested in his campaign and liked his views and we hope he'll run again."

The former Governor said he thinks its fun to meet new relatives.

"Its always amazing to me that anybody will admit it," Mike Huckabee said. "Especially after they've read the book and know some of the family history."

But all joking aside, it was more than just family trying to get their hands on a simple Christmas.

Ward said more than 900 people stood in line to meet the author.

"I think it's really big for Midland, Texas," Ward said. "A lot of stores in great authors but smaller authors, it's nice to see someone like Mike Huckabee come into our store."

Which means Huckabee's book is touching both local families and the economy.