Car Dealerships Pulling Out All the Stops to Sell Their Cars on Black Friday

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Another group of retailers are jumping into the Black Friday fray are car dealers. Some car dealers are doing everything they can to make sure you don't forget about them during the biggest sales weekend of the year.

"Black Friday is absolutely a good day to buy a car," General Manager, Will Barnes, said.

Dealers are trying harder and harder to get in on the Black Friday shopping madness.

"72 hour sale event starting today for black Friday, over half of our vehicles have been marked down, we have some specials," Justin Slaughter, General Manager at one Odessa Car Dealership, said.

And they're not just slashing prices. They're offering free food, drinks, gift cards and even free shuttle services to get people to come to their lots.

Dealers are trying to get their 2009 models off the lot to make room for their new models and they think Black Friday is a good day to find folks looking for a good deal.

"They shop for everything this is historically a good day to begin with; we just did something special to separate us from the other guys." Barnes said.

Researchers say discounts for the black Friday weekend might be the best of the year.

"This is a high time for us, Black Friday and New Year's Eve is our strongest part of the year like in any retail market." Slaughter said.

So now, people may start forgetting about toy shopping on Black Friday and start thinking car shopping instead.