Martin County Inmates Celebrate Thanksgiving in Jail

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

STANTON - Many West Texans, friends, and family are celebrating Thanksgiving with all of the usual flare and food. However, it's not just your everyday Joe who's getting to chow down. The Martin County Sheriff decided, if just for one day, he would make sure inmates in the jail also got all the amenities of turkey day.

This year, the eight inmates housed in Martin County got to start their lunch with more than the usual on their plate. Thursday's meal at the jail included not just turkey, but mashed potatoes, dressing, and more.

"The Sheriff went [Wednesday] and picked up some extra groceries that we usually don't serve on a normal day. We got them a ham and a turkey so they can have a little bit of a Thanksgiving dinner today, even though they are in jail," Chief Deputy Ernest Wakefield, with the Martin County Sheriff's Office, explained.

This is the first year John Woodward has celebrated Thanksgiving as the Sheriff, so he decided to buy the food as an extra treat. Several inmates starting cooking all the food for the small facility on Wednesday night.

"A couple of working inmates who can prepare meals, and they prepare meals every day for the inmates," Wakefield said.

Even with the hours worth of preparing food, it appeared as if Thursday's meal is something the inmates appreciated. Our NewsWest 9 cameras were rolling as the inmates gave thanks just before Thursday's meal. It just goes to show, no matter who you are, or where you are, there's always a reason to give thanks. 

Currently, there are eight inmates in the Martin County jail. The facility can hold a total of 16.