Midland Dancer Makes It To Hollywood

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Most dancers dream of performing on stage alongside celebrities at events like the American Music Awards.

"It's a career you devote your life to. You always dance, you always feel beats in your head," Dancer, Jordan Johnson said.

For Jordan Johnson, that dream became reality. Just last week, he performed live at the AMA's for Timbaland and Nelly Furtado; an opportunity that blew him off his feet.

"The AMA's was amazing. Just the presence of people, it's unexplainable. When you're there at the moment with Keith Urban, Rihanna, and Jay Z, I realize I'm doing what I love and that's a big accomplishment," Jordan said.

However, Johnson says life as a dancer isn't always easy.

"I believe I was made for the stage. It's a rough world in LA. Everyone wants the same job you do. If there's not a job for you, what do you do?" Jordan said.

Johnson's mom said watching her son on National Television was an unbelievably proud moment.

"As a mother you want to guide them to a different area and be secure, but he's always been a risk taker. I went to LA and I saw the talent there, you really need to stand out because so many people have talent there," Sherry Johnson said.

Jordan says while making it in Hollywood as a performer can be quite a challenge as anything is possible.

"Completely 100% effort everything to your passion and everything that makes you feel like you're living. Even if the goal may seem way out of reach," Jordan said.