City of Odessa to Save Some Green With New Purchase

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

In golf, and in budgeting, it's all about the numbers and the Odessa City Council swung and saved some green when they decided to buy instead of lease some new golf carts.

"We found it's in our benefit if we use the funds we budgeted for the lease; use those funds for a purchase," Steve Patton, director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Odessa, said. "By doing that it's a 21,000 savings for three years."

Patton said by buying them outright, the city eliminates finance charges without gaining a load of other expenses.

"Leasing the carts is kind of like leasing your car," Chris McQuatters, head professional golf manager at Ratliff Golf Links, said. "Whenever you trade it in, it's going to have less value. So, we might as well buy them, so we have more equity at the end of our term."

McQuatters said some of the old golf carts are already starting to have some minor problems, but as soon as next month, the carts could be gone.

The golf course staff is really excited about, you guessed it, the number but in this case scoring high is a good thing.

They'll get 75 new carts, 15 more than they currently have.

"You take days like today," McQuatters said. "We ran out of carts and having enough carts certainly helps the customers when they come out to play golf. There have been numerous days in the past where we've run out of carts during the day and people have had to wait up to half an hour to get their carts."

So, the city is reducing tee times, while saving green.

But what they'll use the extra cash for is still unknown.

"There will be a savings, there's no doubt," Patton said. "We're going to incur those savings and hopefully we'll have a good year and meet our projections and if that's the case we'll have the funds for other uses at the end of the fiscal year in October, but it's too early to make that commitment right now."

On Tuesday night, the council also approved a resolution to push forward a $100,000 dollar advertising and marketing campaign for Ratliff Ranch.

Patton says the city hopes the exposure will bring more tourists to the city and West Texas.