Midland Police Re-Working Traffic Stops

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - If you find yourself followed by flashing lights you might notice something a little different in how an officer gives you a ticket. Midland Police traded in their pencils and paper for a whole new method of dealing with traffic.

It might look like a phone or palm pilot, but in the hands of Midland Police this device is cutting back on paperwork and cutting your time on the side of the road in half. Since police started working with these new gadgets, they've found some great benefits.

"It's just so much quicker in dealing with the public and getting them back on their way a whole lot faster and get us back out so we can answer more calls or whatever we need to do," Midland Police Officer Ray Miller said.

After they scan your drivers license, the information goes in automatically. They're now using this device to record your entire conversation and take a picture in case the court needs extra evidence. And by using the keypad, it ensures the information they enter is accurate.

"It's not going to allow me to print that ticket until I have filled out all the information required, so it cuts down on missed information as well as incorrect information," Officer Miller said.

Not only do these ticket writers help with moving and parking violations but by the first of the year, Midland Police will have an entirely new method of handling accidents.

"It really speeds up our accident investigations because we won't have to manually gather all that information out on the scene," Officer Miller said. "You just scan the vehicle, scan the drivers license, you could clear up an accident scene and get a roadway open a whole lot quicker."

The Midland Court Administrator told NewsWest 9, this new system will make a big difference in how they process cases. Before, they spent hours entering the information manually but once the new system is online, it will automatically transfer into their databases. They expect it to be up and running in the next couple of weeks.