County Commissioners Cracking Down on Missed Clinic Appointments

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY--Ector County employees may have to pay up if they miss their appointment at the Wellness Center.  That decision came at Monday's Commissioner's Court meeting.

Even though it's only a few that are responsible, all County employees will be held accountable.  The services offered at the Wellness Center make it so much more important that no appointments be missed, unless absolutely necessary.

In the year it's been open, officials say they've seen nothing but positive results from the Employee Wellness Clinic.  Recent administering of flu shots has ensured employees are back at work in a timely manner.  While the blood screening program has made it possible for employees to be diagnosed and be treated for diseases they didn't even know they had.

Judge Susan Redford says that's a benefit for County taxpayers and employees since the they are self insured, "It is paid for by the County.  It is a completely free visit for the employees, which is why we feel it's necessary, if they are going to abuse the system, that they pay."

Starting January 1st, all County employees will have a clean record and be allowed one no show at the clinic per year.  After that, each missed appointment will cost them a $50 fine and refused access to the clinic until the fine is paid.

Commissioners voted unanimously on the motion, after tabling the issue last month, to give them time to see how other Counties handle similar situations.