One Midland Pond Dealing With Duck Overcrowding

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some Midland residents aren't happy with the way the City is handling ducks.

"They don't have to be mean about it. They don't have to hit them with a pole and grab them by the neck," Michele Burnett said.

Lately, more ducks have been calling the Wadley Barren Pond in Midland their home, and for animal services that could cause a problem.

"The size of the pond can only fit about 25.  We also got an increase of ducks getting hit by cars," Midland Animal Services Official, Paul O'Neil, said.

Animal Services said part of the reason why they are capturing the ducks is because having so many can cause water pollution, but some residents say that's not the concern.

"There's pros and cons about having them. We clean up our side walk, but I don't know anyone in this neighborhood that has a problem with them," Resident, Jeff Kapp said.

For the past week, Animal Services has captured more than 40 ducks, and have since been transferred to another location.

"We have them in our wildlife pen, unfortunately it's not the best habitat for them, but it's all we have," O'Neil said.

That's what some residents are concerned about.

"Don't put them on concrete floor. That's how they get injured feet and sores which cause a painful, slow death for them; find them a home, before you capture them," Burnett said.