19 West Texans Indicted On Cocaine Charges

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - 19 West Texans will go to trial after a federal grand jury handed down the indictment. The charges? Dealing cocaine. However, that's not all. Gunshot victim Robert Yorkman is also facing several other drug related charges. 

On Thursday, a federal grand jury said there is enough evidence to send 27-year-old Robert Yorkman and his cousin, 23-year-old Isaac Yorkman, to trial. Authorities said they've been investigating the men and 17 other West Texans for some time now. 

Back in late October, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Midland SWAT officers, and the U.S. Marshals stormed Yorkman's home and two other related locations. They found cocaine, guns, marijuana, and money they think was made off of selling drugs. Authorities said they are still investigating whether drug-dealing had anything to do with why Robert Yorkman was shot in mid-October. 

Currently, Yorkman and 18 others are facing cocaine conspiracy charges. Robert Yorkman himself is facing marijuana conspiracy charges, plus authorities want him to hand over 350,000 dollars they say he made off drug dealing.

If convicted, each suspect could face between ten years to life in prison.