Neighbor Reacts to Puppy Mill Discovery in West Odessa

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - Animal Control Officers spent the day saving dozens of lives from a suspected puppy mill.

On Wednesday, a neighbor spoke out after investigators said they think the discovery could be one of Odessa's worst puppy mills ever.

First, they heard the sounds, then they saw and even smelled the sad life of dozens of cats, dogs and even a pig were forced to live in.

"You'd hear you know just dogs barking at night," Fernando Magallanes, a disturbed neighbor, said. "Then you know you'd get stray dogs coming in and out and you'd feed them and do what you can for them. I just can't believe there were more than 70 animals over there. That's bad, that's real bad."

What Magallanes and his family didn't realize was they were hearing the cries of dozens abused animals.

Around noon on Tuesday, Odessa Police got a call that scores of animals were being neglected.

By Tuesday evening, officials had saved 73 cats and dogs living in cramped kennels, and camper trailers covered in feces and urine.

Then on Wednesday, Animal Control officers saved a blind pig and dozens of more animals.

They also found two dead dogs and feline skeletal remains.

"It's hard to believe that this is still going on," Magallanes said. "People should just get their own dog and take care of it. That's it."

Shaken and upset, officers tried to comfort the animals as they packed them up and took them away from what one called Ector County's worst puppy mills in years.

Police say there was no sign of the property owners, but they still trying to track them down.

The animals will stay isolated until a veterinarian can check them all for possible diseases.