K-9 Unit Expands at the Ector County Sheriff's Department

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Ector County Sheriff's Department bought two new dogs from California each costing about $9,600. K-9 officers say the investment is much needed in their department.

For two years, the Ector County Sheriff's Department only had one dog named Charlie working the K-9 Unit, but just a few days ago Sgt. Robbie Strahan welcomed two new dogs to join the team.

"We're lucky to have these dogs we were able to get them because of the Bad Boy Bust funds, it's a great multiplier for our department cause they use less man hours and can find things faster," Sgt. Strahan said.

Three year old Rocky and Kazoe were born in Holland, so the only command they understand is in Dutch. Sgt. Strahan says that can be a challenge.

"It's harder for us to learn their language but for tradition sake and from keeping bad guys from telling our dogs what to do, we use Dutch commands," Sgt. Strahan said.

"They've never been in our country, so everything is new to them though too," K-9 Officer, Matt Muehlbrad said.

Even though they have only been in West Texas for four days, Strahan says Rocky and Kazoe are picking things up fast.

"They've already got training obedience under their belt and my dog is already narcotics trained," Sgt. Strahan said.

Both Strahan and Meuhlbrad say they're looking forward to the bonding time they'll have with their new partners.

Charlie, the eight year old dog, they had working in the K-9 unit for the past two years will begin moving toward retirement.