Car Burglars Targeting Shopping Mall Parking Lots

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - With so many things on a holiday shopper's mind, it's easy to lose track of valuable items making it easy for burglars to get their hands on them. 

Recently burglars have set their sites on  the Music City Mall.

"In the past couple of weeks we've had problem with burglars targeting car, but we caught one group, and it has stopped since," Michael Hufford, Director of Security at Music City Mall, said.

Hufford says since they caught a group of burglars recently, things have died down, but he still wants to remind shoppers to use precaution.
"What we ask of our shoppers is to use common sense and protect themselves as far as leaving vehicles locked, and make sure valuables in cars are left hidden," Hufford said.

Officials say the frenzy of shopping during the holidays has shoppers focused on getting that perfect gift, and they're not thinking about keeping themselves from becoming a target.
"Unfortunately that will increase, it will every holiday season," Hufford said.

That's why Music City Mall has increased security to make sure their shoppers are kept safe at all times.

"We do increase security, we've increased their hours and make sure officers are out watching. We have uniformed officers in the mall that they should come to if they are suspicious of someone," Music City Mall General Manager, Jerry Penick, said.

Officials say there's no need to be a paranoid shopper; just use precaution. Malls tend to hire extra security during the holiday season, so it's not a bad idea to ask to be escorted back to your car especially when it's dark out.