Heroes Hunt is Right on Track

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

A West Texas tradition of honoring true heroes is just a few days away. Now, organizers are just waiting for the troops to arrive to kick off this year's "Hunt for Heroes."

"What this is all about is recognizing the men and woman that have sacrificed for our country," Bob Hollingsworth, a former military man and Show of Support board member, said. "But they're going to continue to sacrifice for the rest of their life because of their wounds."

The man founded and is truly behind "Hunt for Heroes" never served, but felt a calling.

"During the event of 9/11 there wasn't anything I could do at that time," Terry Johnson said. "But I could support the people that are taking care of us."

At the group's Thursday night banquet, Hollingsworth will thank and introduce 25 injured servicemen in a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance.

The next day, they'll head out on an all expenses paid white tail deer hunt.

"These volunteers are great," Hollingsworth said. "And what they have done is made it so people who are in wheelchairs or have other injuries can do the things that perhaps they thought they could never do again. That the glory of this program."

Johnson was afraid the poor economy would force a scaled-back hunt.

"It should be a full house Thursday night," he said. "A lot of people we thought might have some problems still wanted to show their support to these particular men and women."

In all, 50 military men and women injured while in service will be honored this year. An additional, 25 troops are set to come to West Texas to hunt in the next couple months.