Dozens Of Businesses and Residents Without Working Phones In Martin County

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - For most people living in Stanton; phones were off limits.

"We still can't make any calls, it's not just our phones here at the courthouse but all over the county," Ernest Wakefield, Chief Deputy for Martin County, said.

Since last week, phones at the Martin County Courthouse along with numerous other phone lines in Stanton haven't been ringing.

"We serve 9 counties and all 9 weren't getting service," Bob Wilson, Manager of Wes-Tex Telephone Inc., said.

It all started when the Wes-Tex Telephone Inc.  tried to upgrade their equipment, and instead interfered with existing phone lines, leaving many without a dial tone.

"We started an upgrade which should have only taken three hours at 1 A.M. and with no interruptions, but it did," Wilson said.

The phone problem also interfered with the most important calls.

"We've had 911 problems, but we put that on top of the list and have since been fixed," Wilson said.
However, the wires weren't untangled as quickly for other businesses and residents; they were left searching for alternatives.

"All of our employees have company cell phones so we've been using those to make our calls," Chief Wakefield said.

NewsWest 9 spoke to the manager of the phone company, and he says they now have 90% of the problem under control and are working on getting the phone lines be back on.