Waste Control Specialists Lays Off 24 Employees

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - A lawsuit against Waste Control Specialists in Andrews isn't over yet. On Friday, company officials confirmed two dozen workers were let go.

Officials at Waste Control Specialists said the 24 people laid off is directly tied to a bond election that is still not fully resolved. Officials said even though they have started to build their waste disposal facility in Andrews, they are still waiting for the 75 million dollars in bond money they need to complete the work. For now, they have cut two dozen workers and now have a total of 155. 

The money will remain in limbo while the case is sorted out in an Appellate Court in El Paso. Back in May, the group No Bonds for Billionaires filed a lawsuit against the county judge, claiming more than a hundred voters casted a ballot illegally. 

Company officials said if they win the case, they're optimistic they can rehire those workers. For now, they're still trying to sort out the red tape in court.