Downtown Lofts in Midland Still Under Construction

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For most Midland residents, hearing about the new lofts being built in Downtown Midland is something for them to look forward to.

"Downtown Midland has great potential. The time has come for it to turn around," Joe Dunham, Owner of Cigar Frog's, said.

The 'Lofts On Main' were supposed to be completed this past summer, but has since been pushed back to early next year.

"The economy hasn't really effected us; we've had some set backs, and now we're about three months out there are three units here and one is under contract, and two are available," Interim Primos Developer, Josh Hopkins said.

Developers say part of the reason for the delay is that they're building these lofts using a historic building, and that takes a lot more effort.

"We didn't want to just tear the building down. We wanted to maintain the downtown historic structure. It's 100 year old building; turning it into a loft can take some time," Hopkins said.

Joe Dunham owns a business next door to the 'Lofts On Main' and says he's looking forward to seeing the finished product.

"I'm looking forward to it. It usually takes long to finish a development but the outcome is usually always worth it," Dunham said.

"Just hold on, we're almost there; the hardest part is over," Hopkins said.