Three Arrested After Midland Store Was Robbed

MIDLAND - Three people have been arrested after a Midland convenience store was robbed Friday morning.

Police say the suspect entered the Kent Kwik at 2315 Front and wrote a note to the clerk indicating he was robbing the store. He also made gestures that he was armed with a gun.

The suspect was able to get away with some cash and took off in a Ford Taurus. A MPD patrol officer spotted the vehicle at the corner of Tyler and Washington about an hour later.

The suspect, 33-year-old Charles Warren, left the car and tried to enter the home, but was arrested by the officer. A woman in the car, 48-year-old Cynthia Ann Carlton, was also arrested. Both have been charged with robbery.

A third person, 24-year-old Cecelle McMaryon, who was staying at the home, was arrested on unrelated warrants.