Teen Arrested in Howard County for Allegedly Kidnapping Girl

Rafael Alejandro Dominguez
Rafael Alejandro Dominguez

MIDLAND - A teen is behind bars in Howard County after allegedly kidnapping a girl in Midland. Midland Police say 17-year-old Rafael Alejandro Dominguez walked into the Wendy's on Andrews Highway Thursday and began arguing another male who was with his ex-girlfriend.

Dominguez and the other male walked outside when Dominguez went to his vehicle. The other male, fearing Dominguez had a weapon, went back into the restaurant. The 15-year-old ex-girlfriend then walked outside to calm Dominguez down. When she got close to his truck, Dominguez forced her into the vehicle.

Police say Dominguez then fled from the scene and took the girl to Big Spring. They stopped at a roadside park on South Highway 87 and FM 33 in Howard County. The girl was held there for several hours and missing for a total of 10 hours. She was finally able to convince Dominguez to release her to her relatives.

The family drove to Big Spring and located the victim and Dominguez. Dominguez was lost so he followed the family and the victim. That is when a Howard County Sheriff's Deputy spotted Dominguez's truck and attempted to stop it. Dominguez lead the deputy on a short pursuit before being arrested and taken to the Howard County Jail.

Dominguez is still in custody on an Evading Arrest charge in Howard County and Kidnapping charges in Midland.