Neighbors React to Fatal Shooting in Southeast Andrews County

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS COUNTY-- Everyone NewsWest 9 spoke to in McKinney Acres, says pretty much the same thing.  They find it hard to believe something like this happened, not only in their quiet neighborhood, but to a friend they referred to, only as Scooter.

Peggy Allen has known Scooter all his life, "I can't picture someone taking someone else's life."

Some neighbors say the reality of what happened hasn't hit them yet.  Others are simply in shock, like Marcos Hernandez, "It's just horrible. Why would someone want to take somebody's life?"

Allen says, she is devastated by the loss, "Scooter was my baby.  I was in Seminole with a friend when I got the call.  You just can't believe it, you know?  He's gone.  Everyone loved Scooter."

With so many unanswered questions, neighbors wonder how someone they came to view as family could suddenly be taken from them.

According to family friend Terron Adair, "The law could do a little bit more patrolling out here than what they usually do.  That early in the morning, they should have been out here."

While authorities aren't releasing much information, Adair says, he knows who might be responsible, "He's come down here, numerous times.  It shouldn't have happened.  But when you've got a whiskey drunk, living down there, it's hard to say."

Some didn't know Scooter as long as others, but they all have their own memories to get them through.

"Always with a smile, that's the way I'll remember him, a good guy," Hernandez, who only knew him for three years, said.

Allen says, "I've known them, all of them, my whole life.  It's just sad, that he's so young and he's gone. "

The murder investigation is ongoing.  If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call the Andrews County Sheriff's Department, Andrews Police, or CrimeStoppers.