Roof Repairs Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Leaks

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With this year's recent storms, more people are having their roofs replaced in time for the cold weather.

But getting that roof repaired can open the door to a more dangerous problem like carbon monoxide poisoning and you may not even know it.

"The kids hang out back there and complained of headaches, maybe that had something to do with it," Homeowner, Tony Ramos said.

Until that moment checking the vent pipes on gas appliances for a carbon monoxide leak was the last thing on Ramos' mind.

"Unfortunately I haven't checked mine this year; Luckily they checked today and sure enough, there was a leak," Ramos said.

Technicians at Carroll Plumbing say carbon monoxide leaks happen more often than you think, and that can be deadly.

"Carbon monoxide is odor less, tasteless, and you wouldn't know it hit you until it's too late," Carroll Plumbing Technician, Jeremy Templeton, said.

"Part of our routine is to check carbon monoxide and we test after replacing heating and cooling system. It's a good thing to have it done every year," Templeton said.

Often times vent pipes get knocked loose causing carbon monoxide to leak throughout the house, but home owners can buy a detector to check for leaks.

"They do have carbon monoxide plug-in detectors you can put in the room. Plug it in as low as possible because it comes from the bottom up," Templeton said.

Ramos says the inspection taught him an important lesson.

"I'm definitely going to check it; definitely doing that," Ramos said.