Citizens Upset About Fees in Fort Stockton

By Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Angry business owners and citizens filled Fort Stockton's City Hall at Tuesday's council meeting and it was all because of garbage.

Fort Stockton sanitation fees recently went up, but many business owners were shocked by how much.

Some said they saw bills anywhere between four to six times higher than before.

Now, they say the city did a poor job explaining the fee increase and want it held accountable.

"I know things are going up," Fort Stockton Business Owner Ralph Hernandez, said. "I understand that, but an increase of five or six times more than the amount (businesses) were paying before is just outrageous. You don't budget for stuff like that."

The city says it needs the rate increase to pay a variety of expenses, as well as to help raise about 2.2 million dollars to shut down the landfill in five years.

But some think the exorbitant fees discriminate against business owners. One resident said an across the board property tax would be more fair.