Construction Along Faudree Road Promises Good Things for Odessa

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--What's being built and what does it mean for the area?

According to Odessa City Manager, Richard Morton, "The developers in town are continuing to build and invest in Odessa, and that's all positive."

Construction includes two new banks, a convenience store, a car wash and more apartment complexes.  All have either, already opened, broken ground or are coming soon.

"It means more tax base, so it means additional tax revenue.  As the city grows it's tax base, the theory is you ought to be able to lower the general tax rate because you have more coming in," Morton explained.

Medical Center Hospital is also building it's new Ambulatory Care Center there, with a new La Quinta going up, not too far from that.

"Every new business going in there, creates additional jobs and we need the jobs," Morton said.

All this new construction is going on across the street from homes in Mission Dorado. NewsWest 9 knocked on some doors to see how they felt.

"I think it's wonderful.  It's a lot of jobs for a lot of people.  The more growth the better, the way I see it," 3 year resident, Jimmy Erwin, said.

Sharon Evans, who's lived in the area for 13 years said, "It certainly makes for more traffic but I do appreciate that we're getting a convenience store and gas station.  That will make things more convenient."

According to Morton, the traffic situation is already being addressed, "With all the growth, we do need to widen Faudree.  The good news there is, TXDot is stepping up and they are going through the widening process now."

Some residents were concerned about a negative affect on property values.  Morton doesn't think that will be a problem, "In any city or development area,  you want to have all kinds of development."

The good news keeps coming. The Odessa City Council will be considering zoning for another strip mall shopping center, set to open up in the same area.