Hobbs Police Using K-9 Dogs to Help Keep Their Schools Drug Free

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

HOBBS, NEW MEXICO - Part of the new lesson plan for Officer Shane Blevins and his dog Denis is searching the halls of Hobbs High School for marijuana.

"Our dogs are passive alert dogs and they'll sit there when they find something; you just can't have marijuana at all," Blevins said.

The Hobbs Police Department is now working closely with the school district to crack down on students toting drugs around campus.

"Yes, believe it or not. Everytime I go out there, he always finds marijuana. We've never gone out there and not found anything," Blevins said.

The Police Department sends their K-9 unit to schools randomly and search lockers and cars. Principal Calderon says every week they at least find one student with marijuana.

"For a school our size, and we're one of the biggest schools in New Mexico, that's pretty low rate, but we credit the help to the K-9 Unit for the help," Principal Eppie Calderon said.

Calderon says keeping K-9 Units in schools is necessary to keep the entire town safe.

"School is a smaller version of our community. If there's bad things out there, we need to monitor schools too. It's a reflection of what's going on with our community," Calderon said.