Former First Lady Speaks at Bynum School Celebration

by Sarah Snyder

MIDLAND - Former First Lady Laura Bush spoke before a large crowd Tuesday night to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bynum School.

600 Midlanders gathered at the Midland Center to listen to Mrs. Bush.

"Tonight, we're not just recognizing 25 years of this school. We're celebrating the lives changed by it," Mrs. Bush said.

The Bynum School is a non-profit, private school for children and adults with special needs.

Bynum leaders tell us they're the only school in the Basin that works with students dealing with disabilities and providing them an alternative to public school. Before Bynum started 25 years ago, many students were housed in facilities across the state. Parents say, this school is critical to their success and keeping the families together.

"From academics, to language and personal hygiene, to vocational training, the Bynum School strives to ensure that students are equipped to live a full life," Mrs. Bush told the crowd.

The fundraiser is an effort to expand the campus. Right now, the classrooms are packed with a two year long waiting list. They hope to add extra classrooms and develop new vocational programs.