New Online Lessons Available For Elementary Students

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - At Ross Elementary, more students are logging on to their computers to get ahead in class.

"Math, science, history, English; you name it, it's all online," Ross Elementary Teacher, Mathew Young, said.

It's all part of an online tutorial called Leaning Forward, and the concept is simple.
Students log on and get a visual lesson from any subject. Teachers are then able to track test scores and help students where they need it most.

"It gives students something to see. Behind me there's a screen showing what the sun does for us. They begin to understand," Ross Elementary Teacher, Corina Rodriguez said.

"The idea came from a conversation on what we should do with flu season around and enrollment is down. Now students can attend classes without actually being in class," Young said.

Teachers who are using the website say having online lessons taught in elementary school can benefit students in the long run.

"If we start now with these kids, imagine six years down the road what conversations they'll have," Young said.

Both Young and Rodriguez say 'Leaning Forward' gives homework help a new meaning.

"It's an abstract concept that's coming to life," Rodriguez said.

Ross Elementary is not the only Ector County school using online lessons, Burleson Elementary is also going virtual. 

If you would like see what lessons are offered log on to