District One Builds Tough Topics for City Council Candidates

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Tuesday is Election Day, and when it comes to picking a new City Council member - What do Midlanders want? They made it pretty clear to NewsWest 9.

Charlie Spence and Jeff Sparks are the ones vying for the District 1 seat, but to grab those votes they'll have to convince voters they have what it takes to tackle the tough issues.

District 1 makes up the northwest corner of Midland mostly north of Wadley. NewsWest 9 spoke with quite a few people who live in the area to find out what's on everyone's mind with the election only a few hours away, and we found one common thread. Yep. You guessed it!

"Our taxes went up," Bea Fenner, Fairmont Park neighbor said.

"Definitely taxes," Alicia Vargas, who just moved to District 1, said. "We don't want them to go up that much."

Folks in the Fairmont neighborhood say their taxes spiked, and they hope that doesn't happen again any time soon.

"Sometimes I think we're getting higher priced," District 1 Neighbor, Nicole Osburn, said. "This used to be middle class and it seems like with our tax rates going up and up our home value has gone up 40% in the last 10 years we've been here. That's a lot."

Both of the candidates told NewsWest 9, budgeting is a top priority and folks who live there say it's crucial.

"Especially for fixed income peoplem," Fenner said. "That's the main problem. The way the economy is going now, they really need to look at that."

And second on the list.

"Safety is a big issue," Vargas said. "Right now, the concern is with break-ins."

"I would like our government to help keep crime down helping the police department enforce laws," Osburn said.

Alicia's family just moved to the northwest area. She says they decided to move to be in the center of the Tall City growth.

"I'm loving the fact that they keep building in this area," she said.

"There's a lot of growth," Osburn said. "I've lived in Midland all my life and it seems like in the last 5-7 years it's seen a lot of new businesses come to town and this side of town is really expanding."