Midland Memorial Expansion Project Begins

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Fences are up, and hard hats are on. It's all signs that Midland Memorial's Hospital expansion project is about to begin. It means growth, but not without some growing pains and that means road closures.

"We will be building Michigan wider and doing some street work on the Garfield and Ohio side. That will begin November 5th," Marcy Madrid, Public Information Officer for Midland Memorial, said. "People will see primarily Kent Street will be closed down and then at the intersections on Michigan at Garfield, Kent and N there may be some minor disruptions."

Before the seven story tower can start going up, surrounding streets will need to undergo some changes; changes that are scheduled to be completed by February 2010.

"We thought we were going to close Michigan, but for the most part, all the roads will stay open," Madrid said.

It's not just some streets getting the axe, but buildings too. Some of the clinics in the building across from the hospital won't be here in the future.

"Our out patient pharmacy is one of that will move to another building and there's a doctor's office that's already moved out," Madrid said.

Madrid also said the street projects will not affect the main entrance of the hospital on Garfield and Ohio. Construction for the new tower is set to begin February 2010.