Understanding the Propositions on the November 3rd Ballot

By Katie Martin
NewsWest 9

When you hit the polls on Tuesday, you'll find eleven propositions on your ballot covering everything from public beaches to property values.

Proposition 11 would make sure that whenever the state, city, or county uses eminent domain to claim property, it's for public or state use or to get rid of urban blight, not to bring in more tax revenues or for economic development.

Propositions 2 and 3 both deal with property values.

Proposition 3 would dictate how property is appraised for tax purposes.

Proposition 2 would tax all houses as homes, even if the owners use the land for something else, like running a business.

Proposition 4 would set aside a state fund to help emerging research Universities, like Texas Tech, develop into major research Universities. The cash would be a mix of state revenue and the existing higher education fund.

Proposition 8 would allow the state to contribute to setting up new veterans hospitals and help maintain existing ones.

You can find a list of all the amendments by clicking here.