Local Skaters Flock to New Skate Park in Odessa

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - For many kids, gliding on their skate board along the fresh concrete was their way of honoring the new skate park in their community.

"I've been to other ones that's just like a bowl, but this ones like an actual park," Skater, Keenan Mosby said.

Just a day after its grand opening at Sherwood Park, Ruben Pier Memorial Skatepark was filled with skaters trying to land a few moves.

"It's something for us to do instead of staying home and do nothing," Skater, Saul Biscaye said.

"It keeps kids off the streets and away from drugs," Skater, Jake Kirby said.

Some parents agree that building a skatepark was something the community needed.

"Skateboarding has become a mainstream. It's nice for a small city to keep up with a big city. That way those kids who can't travel can still skate," Parent, Jessica Kirby said.

Skaters like Jake Kirby say they finally have a good place to show their passion to ride.

"It's just fun, you just have love for it," Jake Kirby said.