Big Spring Sister City Gift Arrives

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - It took several weeks, but a gift from Big Spring to their sister city in Mexico has made it to its final destination. They were trying to send an older city ambulance, but it ran into trouble when it tried to cross the border.

After three weeks of navigating the red tape, officials in Big Spring told NewsWest 9 their gift to their sister city has arrived. It all started when Big Spring wanted to send an older ambulance to San Miguel El Alto in Mexico. City officials in San Miguel said they could use the ambulance for medical purposes, but when the ambulance and equipment got to the border, customs officials wouldn't let it through. Since then, the Big Spring City Manager said they've worked with Mexican officials to get it all sorted out.

"One of the things they found out is that the paperwork they had filed would still have them paying taxes to the Mexican government," Gary Fuqua, the City Manager, explained. "If they did it a different way, a different avenue, they could get it without paying the taxes."

If the City of San Miguel had to pay taxes, they would have had to shell out close to ten thousand dollars. Officials said they a lawyer on the Laredo side who helped get them the correct paperwork. The ambulance did get there, but in total it took about three weeks.