NewsWest 9 Special Report: Crimes Caught On Tape

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

Store robberies, theft inside the Mall, even car burglaries in broad daylight all have two things in common, they are all caught on tape and these brazen criminals think they have gotten away scot free, but here is your chance to change that.     

"We are really just asking the community for their help, these may look like there are not a big deal but if you are the victim it is a big deal," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crimestoppers said.

Rogers has a box full to the brim of surveillance video of crimes that have stalled out.

One video shows three men break the glass store front of Amigos number seven located at 2001 North County Road. The culprits make a beer run and make off with several packs of beer.

Another video, details two young men in the Music City Mall near the Right Jewelry Kiosk. They escape with $26,000 dollars in jewelry.

Odessa Crimestoppers is asking for your help if you have any information call 333-T-IPS.

You will remain anonymous and you could get a cash reward.