One Midland Neighborhood Demands City Officials Pave Their Roads

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Residents on Edgewood Street are frustrated with the unpaved road they've been driving on for more than a year now, and they say they want the city to finish what they started.

"Homes can't stay clean, cars are always dirty, and rocks fly everywhere," Resident, Lena Margita said.

Unpaved roads are causing a stir on Edgewood Street. Residents are fed up with the shape of their roads.

"When I purchased this home, it was a nice street to live on, I did not pay for this. I'm paying $40,000 more on taxes on this home, I want my roads taken care of," Margita said.

The City of Midland began the project two years ago to improve the structure of a nearby water tower and holding tank, but since that project wrapped up in July, the roads have stayed the same.

"I'm really offended, we are consistent tax payers and we work hard. We want a nice home to come home to. I didn't pay for this," Margita said.

City officials say there are pipe repairs that need to be done before they can begin paving all the roads in the neighborhood.

"All I can do is apologize. There's a major line on this road. This pump station is servicing a lot of Midland, but we'll get it fixed," Stuart Purvis with City of Midland, said.

Purvis says he got the word from contractors that this problem will soon be remedied.

"I understand and appreciate the frustration, but the roads will be paved in two weeks," Purvis said.

Lena Margita and the rest of the neighborhood say they've heard it all before, and they want to see some results.

"We're your tax payers. You have made this promise the past 18 months and said it will be finished. I want it done," Margita said.

City officials tell NewsWest 9 that Egdewood road will be paved by Thanksgiving, but then they'll have to tear up another street in that area to fix a major pipe problem.