Prescription Drug Abuse a Growing Problem Across the Basin

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland Police are still on the search for two suspects that made off with $10,000 dollars in prescpriton drugs from a midland pharmacy, but the trend doesnt stop there.

Advertisment, availabilty, whatever the reason, Frank Janousek at the Palmer Drug Abuse Program tells NewsWest 9, prescription drug abuse is increasing.

This is a disturing example. Surveillance video from September 13 at Service Drug in Midland shows that two suspects broke into the pharmacy and made off with $10,000 dollars in drugs.

"They didn't break any glass, or break down a door, they actually worked on the lock and removed the lock," Sgt. David Garcia with the Midland Police Department, said.

More than a month later, investigators still haven't received a single tip and the suspects are still on the loose.

"Usually somebody will randomly call in on most cases even if it is nothing pertaining to the case, but this case no one has called which is strange, Garcia said.

Frank Janosek with the Palmer Drug Abuse Program says the bottom line is that prescription drugs are just as dangerous as any street drug.

"People like to use prescription medication because its pharmacutical grade and think at least its not that street drug," Janosek said.

With 10,000 prescription drugs on the streets, police say it is a scary situation.

"They all have the potential of being for dangerous, if not deadly, if taken in the wrong quantities," Garcia said.