Don't Mess With Pecos - A Community Cleans Up

By: Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

PECOS - It's a community wide effort to clean up the streets. The City of Pecos is kicking off an Adopt-A-Street program in just a few weeks. But it's how the program developed that makes it unique.

"I'm always concerned about beer bottles, litter, the appearance of our community," Pecos City Manager, Joseph Torres said. "When you look at a community the first impression is what does it look like? When you first come to Pecos, what do you see?"

The City Council gave the thumbs up and in the next few weeks, the City of Pecos will kick off it's first Adopt-A-Street initiative fashioned after the Texas Adopt-a-Highway program.

"We have limited personnel that clean the streets periodically, but if we can get help from the community, volunteers from within the community, it's going to be a win win for everybody," Pecos Police Chief Clay McKinney, said.

But the concept didn't come from the City Council chambers - it came from concerned neighbors and Pecos businesses.

"This is actually taxpayers taking the initiative to say I'm willing to do this, I'm tired of the beer bottles, you can't police everybody, you can't police the entire 87 miles of roads we have - it's going to be community-wide!" Torres said.

Twice a year, businesses, families, and local organizations will designate a day to help pick up litter on major thoroughfairs and residential streets.

"What I like about this is that it's the first time I hear of that the citizens have said 'what can I do for the city?' instead of 'what can the city do for me?'" Torres said. "I'm excited about this."

"Hopefully we'll get the message out that we want to keep Pecos clean and we'll do that through community members," Chief McKinney said.