Midland Police Close 20-Year-Old Cold Case With No Happy Ending

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--The victim won't get her day in court.

Retested DNA evidence proved, without a doubt, that 48-year-old Roger Allen Reed, raped Andra Chamberlin in 1987.   Even though the statute of limitations keeps him from being charged, his victim is going to make sure her attacker doesn't walk away scott free.

"Andra hopes to go before the parole board and testify against him and hopefully convince them to keep him encarcerated until his release date," Midland Police Detective Kay Therwhanger, said.

Already in jail on a similar case, Reed won't be punished by the justice system.

"I've always wondered, over the years, if he was still out there, harming others like he harmed me.  I can't tell you, how great it is to know, that since 1988, he's been in prison," Chamberlin said during a press conference.

Working for the Crisis Center, Chamberlin is an advocate for victims of assault.   She also  knows what they go through, "One of my greatest and biggest hopes is that other victims will have the support and caring of law enforcement officers that I was blessed with."

Police Chief Price Robinson, was one of those officers, "I first met the victim on the morning of November 8, 1987.  I was the Detective who responded to this call."

Even though the evidence is in Chamberlin's favor, the end result is not.

According to Detective Therwhanger, "The case is pretty well closed, due to the fact that we cannot file criminal charges in this case."

But Chamberlin still has a chance to make sure justice is served, "Every opportunity that I have to speak out against this man, I will take.  Yes, I will be at the parole hearings."

In 2001, the statute of limitations changed.   There is now, no expiration on any sexual assault case where DNA evidence exists from an unknown suspect.