Outdoor Living

Outdoor living means more than a lawn chair and mowing the grass
Transform your backyard and patio area into an outdoor kitchen complete with the best in premium outdoor kitchen grills and appliances ... an outdoor living area worthy of fine garden furniture exquisitely crafted with custom accents to make it your own. Look no further than your backyard for added living space for family celebrations, watching the big game or just enjoying a well-deserved evening of relaxation.


A premier manufacturer of fine garden furniture
was founded on the principle that truly classic design, no matter how simple or elaborate, can and will be embraced for years. Summer Classics aspires to create exquisite, timeless furnishings, which offer a fresh level of sophistication and quality to outdoor living.

For years our commitment to create unique and exceptionally high quality products, delivered on time and with the most careful attention to the needs and expectations of our customers, has made summer Classics a leader in manufacturing of fine estate furnishings. We hope you will find as much pleasure in the enjoyment of our products as we have found in creating them.

Stop searching for the right furniture. Visit the AHI showroom to feel the quality of Summer Classics first-hand, select the style and finish that's right for you and choose from a vast selection of fine Sunbrella fabrics for the perfect accent to complete your new outdoor space.

You dream and we'll deliver!
From kitchen design to that first perfectly grilled steak, American Home Improvement is your source for the complete outdoor kitchen experience. We pride ourselves on unique and creative designs that compliment your existing home details while maximizing function and enjoyment. From the foundation up we will oversee the complete project including stone and masonry work, gas and electric, appliance installation and a variety of shade cover options.

Featured Summer Grill Products include:

Fire Magic Premium Grills
It's a peerless experience that begins with a superior design and solid stainless steel construction.
Lift the gleaming hood engineered to reflect heat onto the entire cooking surface and experience the brilliance inside. Truly, there is not a more inspired, better-made grill on the market today - from the exclusive flavor grids to the lifetime guaranteed cast stainless steel burners.

► Further complement your built-in grill with custom access doors and drawers designed exclusively
     as part of the Fire Magic collections. Enhance your outdoor cooking experience even further with a      complete line of premium kitchen and cooking accessories such as beverage centers, side      burners, refrigerators, sinks and griddles.

American Outdoor Grill
Designed with a stylish, sleek appearance, rounded hood and contoured face featuring an attractive satin finish; whether built-in or portable you'll be delighted with the look and performance of this grill.

DCS Premium Grills
The ultimate in outdoor cooking. This fully featured line of stainless grills delivers professional performance and delicious results. With a patented grease management system that reduces flare-
ups by channeling oil and grease away from the flame while grilling. The quality and high standard
you would expect indoors ... outdoors!

Primo Grills & Smokers
Upgrade to ceramic and graduate to the next level in cooking and grilling. Experience the thrill and ultimate satisfaction of preparing the most sensational foods imaginable. Ceramic efficiency retains heat, locking in moisture and flavor. Smoke for 20 hours at low temperatures or turn up the heat to more than 500 degrees for perfect searing. Easy to light and use, ready to cook in less than 15 minutes!

► Primo offers numerous accessories including rack extensions, baking stones for pizza, ash tools,
     rib racks, premium wood tables and cradles with stainless steel side tables.

American Home Improvement is your source for grill components and accessories or a complete outdoor kitchen design project.