Screenrooms / Awnings

Screen Rooms
A screen room system from AHI is beautiful alternative to the traditional open patio area. In our part of the world, open areas are quick to catch anything the wind can carry in ... like dirt, leaves, tumble weeds and trash. An attractive screen room or screen wall system provides an effective barrier to keep these materials off the patio area leaving it clean and ready for your guests to arrive. And while you're enjoying your time on the patio those unwanted guests like flies and mosquitos won't crash the party.

Screen room features include:

 ► Extruded Aluminum Structure for Strength and Durability
 ► Durable Fiberglass Insect Screening
 ► Low-maintenance Finish will not peel or crack
 ► Aluminum will not rot or warp like wood
 ► Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Screen rooms as well as awnings provide valuable shade to hot areas of the house which reduces cooling costs by as much as 26%. Blocking direct sunlight from your home can reduce solar heat gain up to 77%. When the seasons change and the rain finally comes awnings and shade structures make attractive protection for entryways and outdoor spaces.

Temperatures in the shade can easily be twenty degrees cooler than in full sun. Where could your home benefit from an attractive awning to protect from the harshest glare, most direct heat or the occasional spring shower?

Choose from the durable, weather-resistant, long-lasting fabrics offered to ensure your custom awning will best match your personal style and décor for many years to come.

Imagine one of our custom-built awnings on your home and you will begin to understand how much more outdoor living you can enjoy while your home interior is more comfortable as well.