Parents Cautious When Buying Halloween Costumes for Their Children

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Halloween is supposed to be a fun and spooky time for kids, but certain costumes can be a hazard.

"For her it's usually a Disney princess and for my son it's an action hero," Mother, Nikki Emiliano said.

Some parents say they're more careful with certain costumes they buy this year.

"I make sure I don't buy masks to avoid breathing issues. I make sure it's not going to distract them in any way," Emiliano said.

Another important safety tip is to be aware of the length of the costume or accessories that may be too long, like sleeves or capes, since they could easily get caught in something and become a hazard.

"I just make sure they have enough breathing space. Make sure nothing loose is hanging from their costumes, because they could trip and fall and hurt themselves," Parent, Hiram Garzo said.

Safey experts say Halloween costumes should be flame-resistant and should be easily visible in the dark.

"I make sure they use a lot of reflectives on arms and legs, so cars can see them. I tell them to walk around where there is light," Garzo said.

Parents say following those few tips can help keep the little trick or treaters safe this Halloween.